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server migration

  1. Live Free

    Database Size Discrepancy in Server Migration

    I'm upgrading to a Dedicated server. We've done an initial migration and are going to do a final sync tonight. In looking everything over, I found my xenforo database on the active site to be around 38 gigs. The database on the new server is around 34 gigs. A backup from about a week ago was...
  2. Claudio

    Todo10.com - Big Board (thousands or millon posts) Migrations

    Todo10.com specializes in big board migrations with thousands or million of posts/users/attachments in just hours. It doesn't matter the size of your forum, we'll work hard to give you the best results in as little time as possible, satisfaction guaranteed! :) We can import any big or small...
  3. Claudio

    Todo10.com - XenForo Monthly Maintenance services

    Todo10 specializes in monthly maintenance, services and hosting solutions for forums, blogs and social networks. It doesn't matter the size of your forum, blog or website. At Todo10 we do it all. Our XenForo Maintenance Service includes: - Clean Up and Hacking Attacks prevention - Anti-Spam...