1. gldtn

    Redirection on inline moderation

    I upgraded to a new instance on Linode from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, and ever since I've been getting redirected to home page after inline moderation. Can someone shed a light as I can't figure it out what exactly has changed. I suspect it's something within nginx config.. My server blocks...
  2. gldtn

    Expire headers on nginx

    Hello, May someone help with expire headers on nginx? Here is my setup: # Expires map map $sent_http_content_type $expires { default off; text/html epoch; text/css max; text/javascript max...
  3. zoldos

    need help converting .htaccess to nginx directive but with *two* primary location entries

    So I'm trying to convert some Apache .htaccess rules to nginx. The first set of directives, shown below, works, so I don't need to use Apache Re-write (and thus, no .htaccess). The second code block is the NON-converted .htaccess code for my chat room which I'd like to convert, then combine in...
  4. cloudpro

    XF 2.2 Nginx Secure Install Directory

    Hello we are trying to prevent access to the install/upgrade directory in Nginx. We have the follow config in our nginx server block. location /community/install/ { internal; } Our XF is in a subdirectory /community If we browse to we receive...
  5. NicklasM

    CORS error on Nginx

    Good day, I have a problem, if I'm connecting to my website (, I'll get a CORS-error. I'm using XenForo and WordPress - to share the resources and themes for WordPress, I'm usign XPress and XLink from ThemeHouse. If I ask for help (at ThemeHouse support), I'll get the...
  6. A

    XF 2.2 nginx fastcgi setup

    Hello, I've just setup a VPS and I'm looking to utilize NGINX Fast CGI Cache, I've looked on the forums and google but the majority of the posts look old and outdated, does anyone have a guide on how to implement it or is it even supported? Thanks, Anthony
  7. Cupara

    What would be best Nginx or Nginx + Apache?

    I'm planning on switching from OpenLiteSpeed to Nginx, this is due to me utilizing another piece of software that doesn't play well with OpenLiteSpeed, so I'm trying to determine which would be best, Nginx with mod_security or Nginx + Apache with mod_security. I have done research on both...
  8. CedNet

    mod_rewrite problem when mixed with Laravel

    New to XenForo and on on my prod server (nginx) the rewrite is not acting the same as in dev (apache). XenForo is installed in /forum While in / the Laravel framework is responding Nginx Server When I enable SEO friendly URLs I get 404 response from the Laravel framework, hinting that the root...
  9. D

    XF 2.1 Xenforo htaccess with nginx

    Hello, I'm currently using xenforo with nginx, therefore the htaccess file does not work. What can I do to setup that protection with nginx? Is there a ready file/config?
  10. Sim

    Dedicated IPv6 addresses for multiple nginx vhosts using SSL?

    When I last did a major upgrade of my hosting configuration a few years back, I also migrated to using dedicated IPv6 addresses for each of the (several dozen) websites I host. When hosting multiple sites on the one server using SSL, the advice at the time (from Linode primarily) was to use a...
  11. spectre007

    Fixed Server Environment Report ... UTC timezone: YES

    Under Server Environment Report in Admin, the server environment says UTC timezone: Yes However, I have manually changed my Ubuntu box's timezone to America/NewYork after the initial Xenforo installation to correct this. Still, it says UTC timezone: Yes. How do I fix this?
  12. spectre007

    SMTP server (using postfix, nginx & Ubuntu 16.04)

    Got Postfix installed on Ubuntu with Nginx & Xenforo. Where do I get (or set on linux) the SMTP hostname user and pw to input for the Xenforo admin e-mail configuration settings? Thanks.
  13. S

    XF 2.0 Can not access payment_callback.php

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with the Payment Provider configuration of Paypal. I want to create IPN with my PP Account. But if i want to access my payment_callback.php i get an 403 in my logs and the site isn't loading. All other php files works perfectly. Only the access to payment_callback.php...
  14. M

    XF 2.0 Proxy Images without Proxy.php

    I'm using Nginx to proxy images without using Proxy.php - but running in to an issue with the URL. $config['proxyUrlFormat'] = '{url}'; The {url} is "urlencoded" which Nginx doesn't like - is there anyway to retrieve the URL not encoded?
  15. eva2000

    Centmin Mod LEMP users get another 5-40% boost in performance

    Seeing as there are some folks here using my Centmin Mod LEMP stack, I thought I'd share a quick guide I wrote for configuration tips to improve performance beyond the out of box automatic optimisations already done. In theory these configuration tips can provide an additional 5-40% improvement...
  16. C

    XF 2.0 Friendly Nginx Rewrites

    I'm trying to get friendly URLs going for Nginx. The forums are in /community location. When I insert the commented out lines below, PHP files aren't being executed (they're downloaded instead). Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Based on the reference in the manual, it looks like the...
  17. MattW

    XF2 with CSP enabled

    So, having just upgraded to XF2, I was unable to drag and drop / paste an image into the editor (Attach files button worked). Looking in the Chrome console, it was reporting that blob: was being blocked, as I wasn't allowing this in the CSP string img-src 'self' blob: data: Adding blob: into...
  18. eva2000

    Nginx Security Update CVE-2017-7529

    For folks using Nginx, there's security updates out The issue affects nginx versions between 0.5.6 - 1.13.2. The issue is fixed in nginx 1.13.3, 1.12.1. Centmin Mod Nginx users can run menu...
  19. dooma

    Steps to install xenforo on fresh vps

    Hello all, I'm writing all the steps, required to install a test xenforo forums on a fresh vps from un-managed vps provider. I posted this thread for two reasons: First, to know the experts' opinions about the steps and to tell us if there're any missing steps or any modifications that should...
  20. Brent W

    100% Ground Up CentminMod Server Setup & Optimization Saving You Money On Hosting

    Hello everyone, For over 3 years now I have been working with to setup all of our servers that we have used on Through that time I have found the best things that works for us when it comes to XenForo through constant testing. What has...
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