1. Codeless

    No input file specified. in centminmod

    hi i followed tutorials provided by centminmod but after restoring db and configring everything getting error No input file specified. anybody can help me out where i am wrong
  2. karll

    Unmaintained ElasticSearch 7 on CentOS

    Xenforo Enhanced Search depends on ElasticSearch 2.0+. Installing and configuring ElasticSearch so it works with XF might be a challenge for some, so I have put together some quick instructions for installing it on CentOS 7. With some tweaks the instructions should probably work on other...
  3. Mike Hollis Jr

    XF 1.1 Permission error when trying to upload files

    When attempting to upload a file to a post I get the following message data/ and internal_data/ permissions are 0777 currently, but I have also tried 0755 Xenforo root is owned by Apache (recursive) Group Permissions are set to allow Direct Node permissions is set to inherit User Permissions...
  4. eva2000

    Centmin Mod Users ensure on latest CentOS 6.9 or 7.4 For Paypal/Github TLSv1.2 Change

    As there are many Centmin Mod LEMP stack users here, thought I'd give folks a heads up to ensure they have updated their CentOS version to latest version either 6.9 or 7.4 to get the latest curl and git versions that support TLSv1.2. Otherwise, Centmin Mod git backed updates and Paypal usage via...
  5. eva2000

    Centmin Mod LEMP users get another 5-40% boost in performance

    Seeing as there are some folks here using my Centmin Mod LEMP stack, I thought I'd share a quick guide I wrote for configuration tips to improve performance beyond the out of box automatic optimisations already done. In theory these configuration tips can provide an additional 5-40% improvement...
  6. AppleAndMango

    CentOS vs Ubuntu Kernel

    Which receive kernel updates less frequently? I login to my Ubuntu VPS every other week and notice it asks to be rebooted, does CentOS receive as many kernel updates as Ubuntu?
  7. Sunka

    [HELP] Serious challenge - tuning server

    Original post broken into several posts because of 10.000 character limit My forum is still alive on old server, from which I have to move in next few days. My plan is to setup vps server I have bought on Digital Ocean, and after optimization is done, I just upload xenforo files from old server...
  8. Carla Birch

    How to FFmpeg install on centos6 for XMG use?

    Hi, I have been trying to get ffmpeg installed on my centos6/plesk12 server to work with XMG but i can not seem to get it to work. Its installed and the paths are right but when i try to upload a video it needs to convert it errors out. Dont have the error to hand as on my phone but it was...
  9. eva2000

    Centmin Mod community moves from G+ Communities

    Hi folks Some of you may know who I am :) Anyway, my Centmin Mod LEMP web stack project has moved it's discussions from a 300+ member Google+ Communities over to a Xenforo based forum at http://community.centminmod.com. It's literally the first week it's been online in a private password...
  10. MattW

    mattwservices.co.uk - Server Configuration / Hosting / Support

    I've not really put anything on here to advertise myself before, as people have just been contacting me to request work be done. Here is what I'm available to do. Server Management Services Server Configuration (CentOS / Cpanel) Apache setup Nginxcp setup Switch MySQL to Percona / MariaDB...
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