Design issue Issues of copying contents from Vbulletin into Xenforo site


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The symbols are in the original position. The issues here are mostly the insane HTML that has been pasted in. We only allow BB codes to be nested to a certain degree for performance reasons, so this won't change. It's fairly difficult to detect this case so I don't think anything is going to change here.
Don't mean to necro a post here, but I have a possible workaround

I am unsure if this functionality is the same on VBulletin, but in Xenforo, if you do not have access to the edit button of a thread, you can instead use the quote button. This will leave the raw bbcode of the quoted post surrounded in
. Assuming this is the case, and you don't run into the issue Mike suggested above, then you should be able to post this to a Xenforo thread after removing the quote block surrounding the thread code.

If this functionality is not available, the only other workaround I could think of would be to private message the owner of the post and ask him to private message the raw bbcode of the post in a code block or send it through pastebin or something of the like.