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I'm possibly moving to XenForo from VBulletin, I have a couple of questions.

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by PeterPeter21Alpha, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. 1) How easy is it to transfer all of my vbulletin information (threads, user accounts etc) to XenForo? Ideally I don't want to start over, as it is an old forum.
    2) Is it easy enough to setup ranks in XenForo? I run a community with military style ranks (that are images) and I would need to have them appear in their postbit and on their profile. With Vbulletin this is very simple to do, but I haven't seen a XenForo forum with lots of images on their post area, only banners.
  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    There are several built in importers for VB - all of the existing content such as members, threads, posts, will be imported.

    I believe there are some third party add-ons for ranks and other similar systems - you can try searching the resources: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/
  3. Thank you! One last question, is there an easy way to add pages? (Perhaps with BB Code for example) I'd like a few pages to display some information about the community but I'm not very skilled in CSS or HTML.
  4. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Yep, xenforo has pages which can use bbcode
  5. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    You might be thinking of an add on. Pages don't really support bb code by default.

    There might be add ons or workarounds for that, but it is primarily HTML.
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