I'm possibly moving to XenForo from VBulletin, I have a couple of questions.

Lewis L

1) How easy is it to transfer all of my vbulletin information (threads, user accounts etc) to XenForo? Ideally I don't want to start over, as it is an old forum.
2) Is it easy enough to setup ranks in XenForo? I run a community with military style ranks (that are images) and I would need to have them appear in their postbit and on their profile. With Vbulletin this is very simple to do, but I haven't seen a XenForo forum with lots of images on their post area, only banners.
There are several built in importers for VB - all of the existing content such as members, threads, posts, will be imported.

I believe there are some third party add-ons for ranks and other similar systems - you can try searching the resources: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/

Thank you! One last question, is there an easy way to add pages? (Perhaps with BB Code for example) I'd like a few pages to display some information about the community but I'm not very skilled in CSS or HTML.
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