XF 1.5 Htaccess Redirection of URLs from vBulletin 4x with VBSEO to Xenforo


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I need some help with the redirection of slightly customized VBSEO vBulletin 4x links to Xenforo. Please could someone advise me on what can go in a .htaccess file to accomplish this. Thank you.

My thread IDs, page numbers and post IDs are the same in the old and new forum but the content of the thread title in the URL sometimes differs as VBSEO removes stop words such as: the, in, but, and, on… but the full friendly Xenforo URLs do not. (However, I gather the important bit is the ID numbers and not the content of the titles so hopefully this will not matter).

Also the old URLs are structured so that the threads are located within individually named subforum directories without ID numbers.

I know this will mean the individual forum front pages would require individual rewrites per forum in the .htaccess file but I hope there is at least simpler solution for the bulk redirection of links to individual threads, pages and posts, as I do have the ID numbers for these.

URL examples:

1. Post
old vB URL,

new XF URL,

2. Post on first page of thread
old vB URL,

new XF URL,

3. Page
old vB URL,

new XF URL,

4. Thread
old vB URL,

new XF URL,

5. Forum
old vB URL

new XF URL

As shown in the examples above, in changing from the old vBulletin forum to the new Xenforo forum, the directory of where the forum is located has also changed from /forum to /community. There is also a change from http to https.
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