1. L

    XF 2.0 vBSEO URL to Xenforo URL redirect

    Hi I'm planning to switch over 2 forums from vBulletin with vBSEO to Xenforo. Now my problem is that i have custom URL rewrite. Could anybody help me with the .htaccess redirects? At the moment it looks like this: Forum1: https://www.domain.com/server-change-t43246.html and should go to...
  2. TFM

    XF 1.5 Htaccess Redirection of URLs from vBulletin 4x with VBSEO to Xenforo

    I need some help with the redirection of slightly customized VBSEO vBulletin 4x links to Xenforo. Please could someone advise me on what can go in a .htaccess file to accomplish this. Thank you. My thread IDs, page numbers and post IDs are the same in the old and new forum but the content of...
  3. Donny

    VBSEO-Style Addition to Thread and Forum Categories - SEO Benefits

    Donny submitted a new resource: VBSEO-Style Addition to Thread and Forum Categories - SEO Benefits - Did you love VBSEO on VB forums, and lack some of the SEO benefits of the plugin? - Then try this! Read more about this resource...
  4. Donny

    Unmaintained VBSEO-Style Addition to Thread and Forum Categories - SEO Benefits 2016-11-13

    Hello XF lads and ladies,7 This isn't an add-on you'll be downloading, or using the awesome add-on installer and updater for. This is just one or two lines of code that you'll customise and add to your templates (I'll tell you where, don't worry), to possibly increase your traffic. You'll need...
  5. K

    URLs & old VBSEO likes?

    If I purchase XF now... what about the URLs? Can they be made similar to VBSEO, VB5 or such? (vb5 has broken links from around the internet) Can old VBSEO "likes" be imported? (it would be nice for members to retain their current likes/reputation) [I have a backup of my DB from a couple of...
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