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  1. TFM

    XF 1.5 Htaccess Redirection of URLs from vBulletin 4x with VBSEO to Xenforo

    I need some help with the redirection of slightly customized VBSEO vBulletin 4x links to Xenforo. Please could someone advise me on what can go in a .htaccess file to accomplish this. Thank you. My thread IDs, page numbers and post IDs are the same in the old and new forum but the content of...
  2. R

    whatchareadin book community

    whatchareadin.de/community/ We are a community of book lovers. The forum software is XF1.5. But there is also another system running in the background (Drupal) providing book meta data. Users can embed books in a XF post with a mediasite link, for example here...
  3. Hellberg

    XF 1.5 User Custom Group Styling not working?

    Hello XF Members. Today i have been using alot time to fix this issue but nothing seems to work out! the group styling is only work for 2 groups in my page! Styling Priority Admin (1000) Dev Team (960) Supporter (950) Moderator (900) King Dontator (800) Premium Member (700) Could...
  4. ElgrandOC

    Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    I use cloudflare to provide basic SSL cover for my website. At the moment, I have http://forum.elgrandoc.uk set up to work through the cloudflare service to give me https://forum.elgrandoc.uk Now, if you click both of the above links, you will see my problem. I have changed the settings...
  5. DroidOne

    Add-on Affiliate parser compatible with XF 1.5 link/URL title conversion?

    Is there something like AndyB:s most excellent add-on "Affiliate parser" that's compatible with the XF 1.5 link title conversion feature? The title conversion seems to stop most parsers from working, so that no affiliate code is added to the converted URL:s.
  6. Martok

    XF 1.5 Bounced email error

    I've just found an error relating to bounced emails: Server Error Log Error Info Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: last request failed - library/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Pop3.php:190 Generated By: Unknown Account, Today at 5:23 PM Stack Trace #0 /library/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Pop3.php(222)...
  7. Martok

    Fixed No mention of use of BB code for New User Welcome conversation

    It's not a bug per se, more a case of missing explanatory text. For the New User Welcome message in the ACP, it doesn't specify that you can use BB Code next to the Conversation Message box (arguably it should be obvious to most people but not to a few): Yet in the Message User option in...
  8. R

    Not a bug Responsive admincp cannot be disabled

    I unticked the enableResponsive (admin) style property but seems the setting has no effect.
  9. wmtech

    [WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover 1.0.2

    Description: Exif Data Remover is an essential tool for professional XenForo boards to protect their users. Nowadays with GPS connected smartphones used to shoot photos, most pictures include hidden meta data (called "Exif" for "Exchangeable Image File Format") with information about the exact...
  10. Mike

    XF 1.5 Thread Tagging

    Tags are a common method of adding keywords to content to aid searching and discovery. In XenForo 1.5, we're adding support for applying tags to threads, as well as a framework for add-ons to add tags to their own content types. Thread tags apply to the thread itself (rather than individual...
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