Gift Upgrades

Gift Upgrades [Paid] 2.2.2

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@NixFifty something is not right with the add-on. I opened a ticket about 4 days ago but have not receive any response.

With just using @Xon 's Expiring User Upgrades 2.2.1 on active upgrade.


After installing the Gift Upgrades [Paid] 2.2.2 add-on with active upgrade


After I noticed the issue, I tested the two add-ons above on a fresh XF 2.2.1 test board with no other add-ons installed (except the needed Standard Library 1.1.2) and using the default style.

I only have one non-reoccurring upgrade. It shouldn't create the "Available upgrades" box if the user already had an active upgrade right? Should just add a Gift button I would think.

This is how it looks with both add-ons installed on an account with no active upgrades. Looks OK there.

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