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[DBTech] DragonByte Mail [Paid] 4.6.0

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Joe Link

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Not at the moment, sorry. It currently uses the XF Activity Summary code to add global display values, meaning if any 3rd party add-on adds more stats using the activity_summary_global_display_values code event listener, they will get added to the digest too.

Thanks for the info, I'll just remove the block for now. Slow forums aren't going to want to advertise how few new registrations they get :ROFLMAO:

DragonByte Tech

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DragonByte Tech updated [DBTech] DragonByte Mail with a new update entry:

4.6.0 Gold

Update highlights

After a reasonable amount of time with this system running on various live sites without any issues, it's time to go Gold 🎉

This version fixes a pain point where the "Test Digest" feature would respect the digest's mail queue setting, which doesn't really make sense. The test email will now send instantly.

Below is the info block regarding the Digest changes, for the last time:

As mentioned in the previous update, this change now implements the "Activity...

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