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[cXF] Sticky Navigation [Paid] 3.11.2

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Unfortunately that did not work. Also went through all the other style properties to see if it was anything else but there was nothing with shadow except one which I also removed to no effect.

EDIT: Looking at the element, I can see it is under the .stickynav .navTabs with the css box-shadow: 0px 2px 2px 0px #c9c9c9; but when I look in the stick nav css template, i can't find it.


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If I look a t your site I don't see any light shadow when sticky activates. Or am I looking at wrong style?


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You are not in full screen in TinyMCE editor. Press full screen button in top right corner and test it with fixed navigation menu. Also try to create resource, because i am scrolling down when creating resource and i have multiple TinyMCE editor fields.
Sorry, tried with all those settings and it works fine:


I've clicked on top right corner button for full screen and all works fine. Have you tried on default uncustomized style?


I understand, but I can reproduce it on my test forum. Can you create me a test account?
Just tested with Google Chrome, works fine. But it does not work in Firefox. Also when i turn on Firebug sticky navigation dissappears in TinyMCE editor. Sent to yout pm with account info. Also when i change scale on site sticky navigation also dissappears in TinyMCE editor.


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BassMan updated Sticky Navigation [premium edition] with a new update entry:


What's new in version 3.6.0:
Read the rest of this update entry...


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No, it does not work that way and it has nothing to do with this add-on. Tested it again on clean XF test forum. Sticky Navigation does not change this behaviour.


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I removed my posts as it's not a bug as you said. I installed Live Update 4.0.0 and it adds that function AND works with your mod! :D


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We've got this installed on our test site & like it. Will be rolling out live very soon.

It would be great if the sidebar could be made sticky some time in the future too (inc BD framework etc).