Froala editor toolbar keeps jump up out of sight under sticky navigation bar on mobile


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Please see the attached video. The editor toolbar keeps jumping up under the sticky navigation bar, both when clicking in the editor content area and interacting with the toolbar buttons. Insert link and Insert image are two examples (there may be others) of where the toolbar does not jump up out of view. I should point out this happens even when starting a new post with no content written in the editor.

With Froala's editor demo, the above issue does not happen unless the line of text clicked is towards the bottom of the screen where the keyboard will open up over the top of it. So for example, with Froala's editor demo in view, there is no jarring jump when I click the text WYSIWYG as it high enough on screen that the keyboard won't cover it. When a lower line of clicked text become hidden behind the keyboard, the editor moves up just enough so that the selected line of text becomes visible.

View attachment XenForo 2-2 editor toolbar jumps offscreen on android s10e chrome 20210201.mp4
Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10, Chrome 88.
I can confirm this with Chrome / Android ... simple test:

  • write a few words in the editor
  • select a part (e.g. to format the text in bold)
  • context menu covers the editor toolbar

On the iPhone, the context menu is displayed below the text. But of course this doesn't help Android users with Chrome ...
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