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I hired Fahad to tailor our community message board. We communicated through skype and payment was made through Wise. He did exactly as he said he would and completed the project. I would use him again and we are very happy with the work that he performed!!!
For everyone who had a positive experience with this developer, I would urge you to have your add-on audited by an experienced developer.

Your add-on may look all nice and shiny on the outside but it's about what you don't see. Security issues, bad code or even stolen code.

This is solid advice.
Looks like the days of Fahad are done. All his add-ons are removed.

Finally. He took a boatload of money and delivered garbage. Good riddance!
If only actions were taken sooner. Has been doing it for years on here. Atleast no more will be burnt by that scum.
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This thread will likely get locked, but in the meantime as frustrated as people are, I would urge not to resort to name calling.

That being said, I think this action was somewhat inevitable.
As you have seen, fahad ashraf has been removed from the XF Community. They are no longer welcome here to provide services or add-ons. Accordingly their add-ons have also been removed and they are no longer contactable via this forum.

On the criticism of the time taken to take this steps: we hear you. But please understand it’s a tricky balance to get right.

In some cases while there are alarming negative reports, there is often positive behaviour and feedback too, sometimes outweighing the bad.

I appreciate there has been some amount of scepticism of the validity of some of the positive reviews in this thread but they do appear to be genuine.

On the flip side some negative reports have not been genuine, in my opinion, such as a recent case where it was claimed they were scammed even though - after seeing the full conversation - there’s really no basis for that claim.

The timing of removing someone from the community is also difficult. The moment it happens, any custom work that might have been in progress would probably be put to an end, any paid add-ons essentially become unsupported.

There’s always a hope that some incidents are isolated. Indeed in specific add-ons we have looked into here, while there have been some truly shocking examples of terrible and insecure code, we have also seen examples that would meet our standards. It’s possible development was being completed not by one person but by multiple with differing skill levels, but sadly and clearly with little QA or oversight.

Anyway, we now consider the matter to be closed and we’ll therefore now close this thread to signal that this service provider is no longer available.
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