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Some suggestions for the future. Besides the first suggestion, the rest are things like you can add them if you want or have time for it. The first one is essential in my opinion.

1) I think it is not a good idea allowing people to add events to the calendar from every forum_node. Some won't care but I think the best is to allow it to only one forum_node. So everything is listed in one place. At least I would want to manage it like that if I could. So maybe node based permissions would be great. Like letting us to choose in which place we want to allow people to add events.

2) Besides the calendar view, maybe a list view? I personally dislike the calendar view very much. Rather I would like to see a list for each day like
1st January:
- Event 1
- Event 2
2nd January:
31st January

And maybe a view where it skips all the empty days and shows me a full list of upcoming events instead of the calendar view. So a seperate big page with all of the registered events on your forum. The best would be a toggle between calendar view, list view and upcoming events view.

3) The process of adding an event to the calendar after the thread was created is fine. But maybe in the thread creating process it would be more obvious for users, so more user friendly.

a) The notice of "Added to Calendar: " in thread_view is not coming out much. It doesn't get my attention, I just realized that there is one actually :). I am not sure if I can change this with custom css, but this notice should be much bigger and noticable.
b) Also the little "calendar" notice in thread_list. Maybe a different color.
c) I am really not a friend of tabs, really not. But I think the calendar phrase under the tabs bar is a bit misplaced. It is hidden between the other things. Not very noticable for users, especially for unregistered people who are not used to Xenforo.

5) I mentioned it in the other thread. The sidebar should also show the date of the events. (And I think if you uninstall this add-on, it uninstalls the "tomorrows calendar events" sidebar widget, while the others are implemented to the sidebar positions add-on of yours. It seems like that, I could be wrong.)

Again, this is just my personal view of things and of course it is fully up to you what you want to do with your add-on. I don't want to bother you. Have a good day.



I really like the add-on. Especially the Upcoming Calendar Events.
I have two suggestions.

1. I have added an event which is for example 3 days. (I added all three days to the calendar), in het upcoming calender events you see all 3 dates. Is it possible to only show the event once in the calender ?

2. Can you add a checkbox "Show forum link" in the options for the upcoming calender events.
In the upcoming calender even you now have a link to the forum for every event.
I would like to not show this link (All the events are posted in one forum at my forum)


This looks like a great feature but I need to be able to add events directly to the calendar without going via a thread. Is this possible?


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Btw. I assume you didn't bother to change a little thing because it is not a big deal but just for the sake of it I will point to this little thing. :)

It is funny that we can add events which can be started on 30th February or 31th of April and so on.
Also funny when those days are shown in your Upcoming Events Sidebar (like the 30th February):).
Really, I don't care just wanted to share this funny thing.


@AndyB, I installed 4.4 in hopes of being able to use the "Upcoming Calendar Events sidebar block.".

I do not find any sidebar options

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.42.23 PM.png

Reading through the comments I decided that I might need Sidebar Positions 2.1. I installed that and all but one of my sidebar blocks disappeared.


I found that adding values to Sidebar Positions 2.1 restored the built in side bars.

I found that adding an event for today and adding values in Sidebar Positions 2.1 makes the Todays and Upcoming Events sidebars show up.

How can I change the date range for Upcoming Events. I would like to see events months in the future.



I was able to use the Upcoming Days option to set the time frame for upcoming events.

Is is it possible to show the date range for upcoming events instead of an entry for each day?

This is what my sidebar looks like now

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.02.21 PM.png


As sidebar does not work with widget framework, has anyone worked out a way to get content into a widget from the calendar?


Hi AndyB,

Thanks a lot for the update in 4.5 to show only one row for each event. This is what I was waiting for :)

One suggestion: In the configuration there is the option "Upcoming Days".
Is it also possible to make an option "Upcoming Events".
Some months are a lot busier than other months. I would like to always show maximum 6 upcoming events for example.