Calendar 6.1

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A working Calendar Great for upcoming events and happening around your area, it’s a Great addition for any forum community which plans on scheduling events, keeping forum members informed of upcoming events. Exactly what our forum needed. Andy your attention to detail is impressive. Keep up the great work! Without some of your add-on’s our forum would not be as active as it has become. Nor would it be such a cool forum to belong. Thanks for the countless hrs of hard work you have put into all your add-on’s.
Exactly what I was looking for! Works great. Members can add their events too. Andy was very helpful. Donate to AndyB!
Migrating from vB to XF, we lost the capabilities of our Event Forums MOD. However, AndyB's CALENDAR add-on came to our rescue allowing us to create a tight integration between an event and a thread to discuss it all in.

Coupled along with AndyB's RSVP add-on, we now have all the features back that we once had before while running vB!
An important add-in for our forum. Lets members post events to share with all members. In typical AndyB fashion, it works well!
This is a must-have for any local community/neighborhood forum, especially with a lot of IRL meetings. It keeps everything organized and in one spot with a reference back to the events board from the calendar itself.
Thank you so much for this much needed feature on our campaign forum. Nice, clear and functional. Well done.
Great calendar! Exactly what my forum needed. AndyB provided amazing support (even for other issues)
Thank you very much for this great addon, done perfectly what he has to do. I have a small comment about widgets, is it possible to integrate them into XenPorta 2? If not, is it possible to install sidebar positions while having the model XenPorta 2? Thank you for your reply and thank you again.
Tried a lot of other addons to do something similar. Finally found something that works seamlessly with topics. I keep repeating myself, but another fantastic job :) Keep up the good work!
Great add-on calendar. It is especially nice to be bale to set use permissions. I'm looking forward to using it and seeing it evolve. Keep up the great work Andy!
Grrreeeaaat Update! I have been waiting for this (upcoming events) since my very first use of the calendar. Thank you very much, Andy!

Cheers, Mario.
Useful calendar addon.
Would like to see a recurring weekly&monthly so I dont have to add every date.
Loving this Add-On. Would love a multiple Events Countdown Timer added to it. So easy to add events but would be nice to add Start times, Finish time which then displayed this in a Countdown timer on the side Sidebar adding the option for 'x' number of timers to be displayed. Ability to add an image with fixed resolution say 250 x 90 with a header URL link for users to link to Calendar event, Thread or website of their choosing.
Excellent! I love that this calendar isn't over thought.. Very easy and intuitive... all i think this still needs is the ability to auto append an "Event" Prefix to the accompanying thread.
I like the new permissions for the calendar.
Love having the holidays listed!
Works like a champ!
Excellent work here Andy. Thank you!
This Calendar system is a very simple and functional add-on that allows users to post anything significant into a Calendar system for all of your members to see. I also found it a bonus that instead of linking itself in the Nav menu as many add-ons do, that it instead links itself in the sub menu.

When you first install the Add-on it comes in the default color scheme. Generally speaking, I'd knock off a star for this because it makes you perform additional work to match your style. But Andy included a simple .css file which can be used to style the majority of the add-on and he does it in such a way that even someone such as myself, that isn't too keen on coding, could easily make the changes and make everything match up wonderfully.

Andy himself has been very supportive of my issues and errors and he even personally oversaw me doing some work on his add-on via my site and fixed issues he noted himself without me having to bring them to his attention. He's a wonderful developer, and this is a wonderful add-on.

Thank you very much for the amazing mod.
Works Perfectly in Arabic, but how can I change current events like Valentine's Day