Calendar 6.1

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A security issue has been identified in earlier versions of this add-on. The issue allows a cross site scripting (XSS) attack to potentially be triggered via a specially crafted username. XSS issues may allow an attacker to steal data (including cookies) or force a user to take actions without their consent or knowledge (possibly including administrative actions).

I strongly recommend all users to upgrade to the latest version of Calendar v6.1 to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Calendar v6.0 changes:

New improved way of adding recurring events. Updated User Group Permission for thread_view calendar link.
Calendar v5.9 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Calendar v5.8 changes:

Calendar date block in sidebar improvements made.
Calendar v5.7 changes:

1) Sidebar blocks now show the event date instead of an avatar.
2) Prefixes now supported.
Calendar v5.6 changes:

Fixed minor issue with Daylight Savings Time.
Calendar v5.5 changes:

Updated andy_calendar.css template.
Calendar v5.4 changes:

Added Previous Month and Next Month buttons to Calendar page.
Calendar v5.3 changes:

Removed title when hovering over Calendar link in thread_list_item.
Calendar v5.2 changes:

Added Easter to Holiday file.
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