Calendar 6.1

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Calendar v5.1 changes:

Now using prepared statements.
Calendar v5.0 changes:

Fixed sidebar blocks to be compatible with latest version of Sidebar Positions.

This version of Calendar v5.0 is designed for use with XenForo v1.5x.
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Calendar v4.9 changes:

1) Added code to correctly not show calendar events unless visitor has thread view permission.

2) Improved phrase which describes the Calendar Add Advanced overlay.
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Calendar v4.8 changes:

1) Added Calendar Add Advanced option which allows adding reoccurring Calendar Events.

2) Removed vcalendar option.
Calendar v4.7 changes:

Minor CSS changes.
Calendar v4.6 changes:

Added calendar_id field to xf_calendar table.
Calendar v4.5 changes:

The Sidebar Upcoming Events block now only shows one row for each event, even if the event is for multiple days.
Calendar v4.4 changes:

Added missing phrase:

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Calendar v4.3 changes:

Adding a calendar event of the same date twice produced an error. The problem was the xf_calendar table had the thread_id field as a primary where it should have been made an index.
Calendar v4.2 changes:

Added option for Upcoming Calendar Events sidebar block.