Calendar 6.1

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Calendar v4.1 changes:

In addition to showing the "Today's Calendar Events" block in the sidebar, it's now possible to also show a "Tomorrow's Calendar Events" block in the sidebar.
Calendar v4.0 changes:

Updated CSS.
Calendar v3.9 changes:

Corrected phrase issue dealing with navigation link.
Calendar v3.8 changes:

1) Added Today's Calendar Events as a sidebar block option.
2) Remove Today's Calendar Events which was displayed above the forum list.
3) Added User Group Permission "Calendar View" which determines which user group can view the calendar.
Calendar v3.7 changes:

Improved Calendar Thread links so they show correct URL format in all situations.

If you have already made a donation for this very popular add-on, thank you. Otherwise please consider making a donation to show your appreciation for the Calendar add-on. My PayPal email address will be given upon request via Private Conversation.

Thank you.
Calendar v3.6 changes:

Made a minor code change to prevent Server Error Log entries in a rare situation where guests cannot view any nodes and the the Calendar is called from the URL.
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Calendar v3.5 changes:

Updated andy_calendar.css template to use @pallet colors. This allows in most cases to work with any color style.
Calendar v3.4 changes:

1) Fixed code to work with XenForo v1.4 beta 3 and higher.

2) All phrases now start with calendar_ for your convenience.
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Calendar v3.3 changes:

Fixed [Hide] link so it will work with forums that don't have Full Friendly URLs enabled.
Calendar v3.2 changes:

In special situations the calendar entry would not display when if there was a quote in the message. Added code to to change quote to " and that fixed the problem.