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@AndyB Can you add permissions for usergroup views only for each calendar add? So if calendar is added to a forum that is restricted by usergroup view then it wont display on calendar for that specific user ONLY if they have access to view it?

So this way when you go to /calendar/ it wont display events unless they have rights to each specific event from the forum they have access to.


I'm thinking this may not be possible due to the way in which the plugin works, but is there no way to include an option to add the date information at the time of thread creation? At present the process of adding a date to the calendar is a bit unintuitive.
Andy this is an insanely good addon. My users use it all the time.

One feature request, it would be nice if I could set calendar entries to stay on "upcoming calendar events" for an additional day past the event day.

I.e at the moment, the events come off upcoming calendar events on the day the calendar entry is set to but I would like users to see the events that are on that day in upcoming calendar events.

Thanks again Andy for all of your good work.


Hi @AndyB ,
How can I bring the widget sidebar out to the portal page and forum index page? I' using Xenporta and Widget Framework. I installed both Sidebar Position and Calendar add-ons but do not know what to do next. I already cofigured the position in Sidebar Position but it does not work.


Mr Lucky

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This looks great.

But not so good on smaller mobiles. I understand that a table is not going to fully responsive but I think this would be fixed by using day abbreviations, ie Wed instead of Wednesday (phrase = day_wednesday_short )

Am I missing something very obvious as I can't find that option in Options or any of the addon templates?


I'm using XF 1.4.10 (still waiting for my theme update) Calendar 4.9 & Sidebar Positions 2.6... calendar is working just sidebar won't appear... any idea?

Birthday 1.4 is OK, Banner 3.1 is OK, Extra One 1.2 is OK


Andy, This stuff is so cool. I'm a total Noob to xenforo. I have a couple of questions:
1) In permissions I do not seem to be able to set it for Registered members to be able to see the Thread Tools no matter what I try. What's the secret?...
2) What is the procedure to make visible the "Up Coming Events: Side Bar?
Your Banner Add On is awesome! If I can get this up and running I want to donate for this alone! I want to upload it but it has the same File name "Andy" as the Calendar file that goes in Library. Uploading this will not mess up the Calendar will it?
Thanks in Advance!

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I would like to move the navbar link into the Resources menu. Can you point me in the right direction for disabling the current link?