Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)

Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

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The most dedicated third-party author of XenForo add-ons I know. Showcase is continuously maintained by the author and surpasses most add-ons with its feature packed functionality.
2.6 keeps bringing the awesomeness. The new modular layout option is awesome and extremely customizable... allowing me to use Showcase as a the home page for one of my sites. Awesome stuff. A+++ Keeps getting better and better and Bob provides excellent support. You won't be disapointed.

I'm using it a review system for one site and a film showcase on another.... It's very easy to customize and use for many different purposes.
The more we go forward, the more we get what we need. Awesome work from an awesome developer.
Thanks Bob for your great work.
Wish you the best.
This is one of the best add-ons for XenForo. It's been barely six weeks, and our members have already listed over 2,000 showcase items with photos and descriptions.
This would have to be one of the most incredible addons you will find on XF and I very rarely say this about any addon. It has many uses for so many different opportunities to enhance your site, extremely powerful and developed by one of the most respected developers here. Support is 2nd to none. Look for a way you can use this addon in your site and go for it
The best and most powerful add-on available for xenforo at the moment. I use this add-on for school reviews, and absolutely love it.

The flexibility, features and options available are just mind blowing. This is hands down worth a lot more than the price of $60.

Purchase without hesitation, you will have no regrets.

As for the developer Bob, he is one of the best if not the best add-on developer that I have worked with.

Thank you so much for such an amazing add-on!
One of the best add-ons I've ever seen! It has the power to be used for lots of goals. Its not limited. I needed some add-ons to reach different goals, but since I started using Showcase, I saw most of them (if I don't say all of them) can be done with Showcase! Almost all the things can be controlled in each place that we prefer, not one control to whole system! That's awesome! (Also one important point of this add-on, is Bob himself. He always checks support forum and answers threads. Also implements reasonable suggestions ASAP). Thanks Bob for your great work, and wish you the best.
Showcase is awesome. I was searching for a great review system for my site. XenReviews had potential but appears to be in development limbo... In the time I've been waiting on XenReviews, Showcase has improved so much. I LOVE the Pros/Cons, I LOVE the search by custom field. The only thing I think it needs is making the Reviews more prevalent on the item page and an easier to access search function. The best part is though, is Bob himself. He's an amazing developer and took the time to personally help me get my site going and make sure that I liked the addon. His support was near immediate and very helpful. He is constantly working to make his addons better and they are at a great quality right now. I've never run into any bugs and everything works great.

Showcase is very easy to customize as well... I was able to modify it to make a very nice review site on my site - check out the showcase part here:

Seriously great stuff. I want to buy even more of his addons because this one is so great. You won't regret it.

UPDATE: Now it's even more awesome with 2.5.1 - as it adds the new search widget that you can use with Widget Framework.

Now you can have a search widget on the Showcase main page and with custom fields you can have it behave like Amazon as you filter the results to show the items you want. See it in action in the link above.

The position settings for the BD widget to install are in this link:
I must say this is superb addon , has lots of futures , but mainly biggest feature is develpoer himself , he responds very fast for my kind a noobish questions and explained to me all i needed to know , very recommended!!!!
Amazing... Wonderful Add-on.. I recommend it for anyone have a forum.. 5 stars for it and for the support..
I expect many more features in the future..
For anyone looking for a feature-packed add-on to compliment your forum you need to consider Showcase. It's insanely versatile and can be used for several things.

I was looking for something to create vehicle profiles on my site, something where users could add in-depth information about each car they own. Showcase has been better than any other add-on I've ever used, both in XF and in vB. And Bob keeps making it better, using feedback from license holders.

Here it is installed on my site:

I've done some customizing, which is easy to do in Showcase. This add-on is heavily used on my site and the members love it and use it daily - not like a lot of add-ons that get ignored when they're located in their own section outside of the forum - think product reviews, guides, tutorials, articles, etc. Forum owners always have a tough time getting those types of add-ons to stick. Showcase has stuck on my site.

Bob really should charge more for this add-on. And he should charge for a maintenance membership with the level of support he offers with his products. He puts in way more time than he gets paid for. Maybe he should take donations!

Is Showcase worth the money? Yes.
I have bought this add-on and our members really loves it. Feature rich and a really great add-on for review and showing off! Support is also excellent! Thanks Bob!
Bob has simply put out one of, if not the, best add-ons going for XenForo. It is a gamebreaker that can easily run an entire site. I have never felt like I have bothered him asking a question, he's always replying to my inane questions like a champ. He goes completely above and beyond all support I have ever seen. This has so many uses it is not funny... reviews, garage, site showoff, recipes, trails, etc. You name it, 99% chance you can pull it off with this modification.

I suggest you to not sleep on this. It is well worth the price tag, and I question each release why he doesn't raise the price point. Amazing all around! Great work Bob.
For anyone on the fence about this addon, it's well worth the $60. I was lucky enough to grab it when it was cheaper; one of the few purchases I've made for my site where I'm beyond happy. Bob is responsive and awesome, the addon itself is superbly made and he works his ass off to implement suggestions and help people out.
This is at the very least one of the best xenforo addons. It has clearly been built with the utmost care, effort and polish. The functionality is very extensive. The quality of this addon is superb. You can easily run this on an active big board. Even support is awesome. Don't think twice. Just buy this and enrich your website. You will not regret.
This is an amazing plugin that transformed my site from forum to a community. Members are loving the Showcase. Support that author provides it top-notch. Thanks for amazing plugin and keep up the great work.
Excellent add-on. Straight forward installation, setup and implementation. Does everything the developer says it does (and a bit more). I was contacted through PM about my purchase, before I even had a chance to download it, with instructions on where to find the download and information regarding installing and potential questions. Again, amazing add-on and dev!
The Showcase addon is absolutely amazing. I use it on my website and turned it into a review syste.
What a great addon for many different uses. I cant imagine running my website without this.
Definantly a 5/5 add-on. A must have for all forums!
The latest 2.2.0 version continues to build on an excellent product. The showcase is very flexible, which has allowed us to build an Automotive Garage display on our site which is heavily used by our members. If anything, this is under priced. Thanks Bob for a great product that continues to get better with age.
The product is amazing and the author is even more amazing. I've had a license for over a year and had to renew to download again. I PMd Bob on his site and got a reply within moments WHILE HE WAS AT THE STORE saying it'd be 20 minutes or so.

I had access to the download again within about 10.

Bob is awesome. Showcase is awesome.
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