Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)

Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

No permission to buy ($45.00)
Simply awesome add-on. Bob's add-ons are always solid and support is always there. Would no tthink twice to buy a add-on from Bob.

Great work as always Bob!
Fantastic Add on, Bob is a great developer who takes great care in his work and support is absolutely brilliant.

Add on is worth every cent as development and support like this is well worth supporting!
Ideal add-on for a car/motor website. System is also flexible to graph information from custom fields into a page. Like it a lot!
Great developer! Her responds to feedback and was quick to provide support when I was DERPing my setup. Now that its working my community has totally fallen in love with it! Its like Resource Manager but MUCH MUCH more powerful and customizable.
Since I have last reviewed this addon with 5 stars it has been enhanced a lot more. Support is really good. Bugs are always fixed very swiftly. Many suggestions have been implemented. Top notch all around.
I am extremely impressed with this add-on. Great support and extremely powerful. I actually set up showcase exactly as I wanted it with only the readme and an example on demo site. My members love it. Big thanks for your efforts
The more we go forward, the more we get what we need. Awesome work from an awesome developer.
Thanks Bob for your great work.
Wish you the best.
An extremely well coded, feature rich, and user friendly add-on. What else could you ask for.
The best and most powerful add-on available for xenforo at the moment. I use this add-on for school reviews, and absolutely love it.

The flexibility, features and options available are just mind blowing. This is hands down worth a lot more than the price of $60.

Purchase without hesitation, you will have no regrets.

As for the developer Bob, he is one of the best if not the best add-on developer that I have worked with.

Thank you so much for such an amazing add-on!
Great add on that I am using as a job posting resource. The support has been amazing as I have had a lot of questions which he has responded to lightning fast. Thank you!!
This is an amazing plugin that transformed my site from forum to a community. Members are loving the Showcase. Support that author provides it top-notch. Thanks for amazing plugin and keep up the great work.
Yet again, I cannot complain about anything Bobster has released. This has tons of features out of the box. Very well coded, and throughout testing any issue was addressed as needed quickly. I have all of his add-ons, and his support is outstanding. This is one of the few devs I will get every add-on from. So much can be done with this add-on. Awesome work.
Very easy to navigate, rate, like and comment showcase items!!! This is better than the Resource Manager in my opinion.
Another amazing mod by Bob! Love you're work, this looks exceptional and the demo looks flawless, I will be buying this for sure as all your work is A+, thanks Bob
A versatile, well maintained add on! Updated frequently with many new features! 2.0.0 is even better. Keep up the great work with this awesome add on. Thanks!
Awesome update. Amazing work. Easy upgrade, setting work perfectly, new options allow for unlimited customization.
Certainly 5 stars.
Amazing support. Great add-on. You can showcase anything you want. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, great work.
This is a stunning piece of kit that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and the front end is just divine. Use it for showcasing items, use it as a library, use it as a gallery - the list can just go on and on.
Brilliant modification and great support. Well worth it!
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