Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)

Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

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Reviews 4.97 star(s) 112 reviews

This is an amazing addon, an essential for so many XF sites and created by one of the most helpful developers.
Great article add-on that extends XF brilliantly and excellent customer service from Bob. Great value for money, recommended.
Since the last time I reviewed Showcase, ~30 suggestions implemented. Lots of awesome features, including but not limited to, Category Map and Refine System. Thanks, @Bob for all your great work on your add-ons.
This addon is a masterpiece. There are so many things you can do with this, I just love all the customizations available. I'm currently using this as a Database. Worth every penny.
Bob is actively and continousely improving his add-ons including Showcase.

You can enjoy more if you get an early adapter license (you will see and feel improvement almost all day long. I Highly suggest you to be keen to see if Bob sell you early adapter license)

Absolutely stable add-on, even when it is marked as beta.

Feature rich enough to fit your needs. Tons of features that let you do whatever you want.

Thanks Bob for your great works.
This add-on is almost perfect. What is more amazing is Bob himself. His friendly and highly knowledgeable. His support is simply outstanding. I highly recommend Showcase.
Since I have last reviewed this addon with 5 stars it has been enhanced a lot more. Support is really good. Bugs are always fixed very swiftly. Many suggestions have been implemented. Top notch all around.
The mod appears to be a good mod, to be improved in some places, but on a good foundation. Waiting for future progresses.
It is an excellent add-on. It has a lot of features, and it gets regular updates. I use it as an aquarium showcase on my site.
I wish there was a author review system in Xenforo. Because I reviewed this add-on multiple times and its clear how I feel about it. But now want to share my feeling about Bob's works. In the time that most (if not say all!!) developers are gone and waiting for xf2, and the even don't fix important bugs of their addons, Bob is hardly working on his addon and even adds big features to them.

And about his addons, specially showcase: when you test it just for 1 minute, you will see that you won't be able to continue without it.

Thanks Bob for your great work. Wish you and your family the best :)
Amazing addon. Cannot use Xenforo without Showcase. Bob is one of the best developers and he always give us response to our difficulty's.
Simply awesome add-on. Bob's add-ons are always solid and support is always there. Would no tthink twice to buy a add-on from Bob.

Great work as always Bob!
If you need a garage for a motorcycle or car forum, this is the best you can use for it. thanks for realise this addon bob :)
My members LOVE showcase! Bob is one of the better XF Add on creators, and has proved that with Showcase.
It doesn't get better than this add-on. I currently use it for a review system and it does everything I need out of a review system. The support is EXCELLENT.
This is a MUST HAVE addon. Quality developer, fantastic support and ongoing development. Been using this for a couple of years now and this addon has gone from strength to strength. So many uses for this, only limited by your imagination. I use it for sports player profiles. Others use it for recipes, trails, car garages, etc. BEST addon on XF for me.
Bob provides a world class addon for xenforo with Showcase, with excellent support for those dumb moments. You can configure SC in so many ways to make it work for nearly any subject.
Its takes a while to fully explore all the multitude of options but it's worth taking your time to fun explore before running on a live site.
Outstanding add on with lots of bells and whistles for admin and users. Thanks for this great add on, it has benefited and enhanced or forum.
As always great program. You can do a lot with showcase you only need to think about it and then create it in showcase.
Brilliant release. The addition of the tile view to Showcase totally changes the way you can present teh items and looks fantastic.
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