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Great post and great to see. Have always been very impressed with the openness of everyone on this front.
I'm sure when XF 2.0 is out PHP 5.6 is already the stable build ;)
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Question: Have any decisions been reached as to whether the same license will allow for access to stable 2.0 builds? Will we have to buy a new/upgraded license, or will our existing one count for 2.0 releases too?
I hope that XF will aim to not only implement the most popular suggestions, but will aim to further empower addon creation, offer more framework functions(like content types, widgets) and basic functions that multiple addons use. (similar to how sitemap support is now added).

I think that KAM can think of ways to make XF an even more powerful platform.
I think it's the biggest announcement which everyone were expecting.

Keep the good work. We are with you (y)
What makes you think that they would answer that or even know the answer to that yet.

They've barely started building the thing. Give it a chance.
A suggestion if not already in the pen.......less forum like...more [social] community/network like with lots of social integration. jobboard integration, event integration, businessdirectory integration, social [linkedin]groups integration, better blog solution integrated......and.....styling needs to be 2015. Sorry to say but most fora look still 90's design.....come on...it's 2014!
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