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That's awesome and why are we using XenForo? Because it's the best option in my opinion. For us it's the best and always will the best.

I Love XenForo! :love:

Thank you XenForo :)
Yeah love to hear about XenForo 2.0 and I'm very excited too :)

I'm running php 5.4

With 2.0 I would love to see some great social networking features too for the end users, like
  • Recent Activity page where user can Like, Comment and Share things.
  • Conversations should offer a real-time chat bar and save all chat in the conversation, similar to how Google Hangouts does.
  • Pages for end users now. Allow users to create Pages similar to facebook pages, it would definitely bring a lot of user engagement.
  • Calendar and Events management system.
This is brilliant news, and I'm really, really looking forward to what new features XF 2.0 will have now we can allow for backwards compatibility breaks :) I would love it if developers can get more features that allow us to work closer to a "modern" workflow - I'm using SASS/Grunt heavily these days and I love how painless they make development. Being able to commit my custom add-ons into their Git repositories without having to symlink the js/, library/ and styles/ folders within would be lovely too..

That said, XF 1.x s still the finest community platform (the forums are but a minor part of my site!) I have ever had the pleasure to work with, the support the quickest and most helpful, and easily the most flexible and powerful platform to build upon. Bravo.
Pretty much this. From XenForo 2.0 I would love to have better development tools to improve workflow.
The Small Print...

(Please note that nothing mentioned regarding a future version should be construed as a guarantee of things to come. This message is based on thoughts and information available as of today.)
Does this also mean that further development on x.X-level releases will continue?
I would prefer PHP 6 for XF 2.0 or Hack
PHP won't be available for another 5 years.

Since Zend was used only to accelerate development, I'd say XF2.0 would probably use its own framework, but if not, please use Symfony components. Their components have been very pleasant to use.
I'd also like to see more frontend frameworks and libraries being used, most notably AngularJS (please, please make form directives and make them usable across anywhere) and Bootstrap to make developers' lives (and yours, obviously) easier.

I assume you mean either 5.6 or PHP 7.

PHP 7 isn't even out yet, so that makes no sense.
PHP... 7?
Is XF 2.0 a ground-up re-write, or will large parts of the code remain the same (but just has major changes) - I'm guessing the later as there is so much about XF 1.x that works well?
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