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This is brilliant news, and I'm really, really looking forward to what new features XF 2.0 will have now we can allow for backwards compatibility breaks :) I would love it if developers can get more features that allow us to work closer to a "modern" workflow - I'm using SASS/Grunt heavily these days and I love how painless they make development. Being able to commit my custom add-ons into their Git repositories without having to symlink the js/, library/ and styles/ folders within would be lovely too..

That said, XF 1.x s still the finest community platform (the forums are but a minor part of my site!) I have ever had the pleasure to work with, the support the quickest and most helpful, and easily the most flexible and powerful platform to build upon. Bravo.


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Redactor editor or any, should be easy to include any jQuery plugins there. Microsoft, google and/or, there are other many 3rd party company that give us transliteration services but none of them is easy to integrate with our xenforo editor. For example, I go to at least 15 fine coders here to hire to include this into our xenforo editor. How come all of them got failed!

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Such a great post with good insight. I would love to see if developers could apply to early access with a major release. Signing an NDA wouldn't be an issue of course.
(It would be for those under 18. Unless they allow parent countersignatories.)
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