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Will XenForo work on other web server software?

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by ChrisR, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. ChrisR

    ChrisR Active Member


    With the rewrite rules and all will xenforo work on other web server software like nginx, lighttpd etc..?

    Also if you do not use the rewire rule what will the urls look like?
  2. mlx

    mlx Well-Known Member

    Lighty and nginx both have their own rewrite module. So why wouldn't it work?
  3. ChrisR

    ChrisR Active Member

    Well i have not looked into it but i am thinking about going nginx. but i was told that some rewrite rules are not the same as apache's.
  4. mlx

    mlx Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's different. But that doesn't mean you cannot customize the rewrite rules to make them work with Lighty or nginx.
  5. Floris

    Floris Guest

    If the web server plays nice with PHP5 and MySQL5, it should not be a problem.
    If the web server supports rewrite rules, then I don't know why not.
  6. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    They are very easy to port, and nginx is overall a joy to configure compared to Apache (or any other webserver I've tried)
  7. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    I don't think it will to be honest... because I am not sure anyone has developed XenForo yet...

    However if we are talking about xenForo ;) then yes I am sure 100% that it will support other webservers... as long as you have the respective rewrite module installed on that webserver then it won't be a problem... it won't be the same .htaccess file they will need to create a different rewrite rule set for each server type but as it is simple a catch all there shouldn't be any problems because PHP deals with all the hard work.
  8. Enigma

    Enigma Well-Known Member

    On top of that, you don't even need rewriting to run XenForo.
  9. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    Huh... I thought you did... :S... or did Kier show an example where maybe the url's are all... index.php?u=threads/will-xenforo-work-on-other-web-server-software.2639/
  10. Kier

    Kier XenForo Developer Staff Member

  11. Enigma

    Enigma Well-Known Member

  12. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

  13. Kier

    Kier XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The URL I posted does not use rewriting.
  14. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    Doh... I see it now...

    /me goes to drink more coffee... thank you for pointing that out to me Kier... :D...
  15. SneakyDave

    SneakyDave Well-Known Member

    Are there any specific functions in xenforo that would assume the software is running on a *nix based system. Meaning, if somebody tried installing this on Windows/IIS, would there be any gotchas to know about?

    Just curious. It just seems a lot of new PHP projects seem to get bitten by some Windows / Apache / SAPI incompatibilty or something like that.
  16. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    Only thing that really seems to change on Windows based systems is paths, and some API's... I doubt there being any real incompatibility and if there are I am sure these will be found and fixed in a beta period...
  17. Brandon_R

    Brandon_R Guest

    Im pretty sure it will.
  18. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    It runs on Windows without a problem. While I haven't explicitly tested with IIS, I don't see why it wouldn't work there, especially as IIS now has a FastCGI interface (which is the recommended SAPI for PHP).

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