Will XenForo work for me?


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Hi All,

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to all of this. I currently run a wordpress website with Bluehost as my host. I also have a set of forums using Simple Press. I'd like to convert my website over to XenForo (using XenPorta as my main page) software if possible. I'd also like to migrate my current forum users and posts over to XenForo if possible.

So my question is, will XenForo work with my WP/Bluehost setup? If not what can I do to fix this? Also is it possible to move my posts and users from my old forums to my new ones?

Thanks in advance,

- Matt

P.S. If there are any good coders/designers around please shoot me a PM. I have been trying to find a good person to hire for a custom skin/installation job.


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Yes, you can use your current server to run XenForo as long as it meets the requirements. Unfortunately, there is no direct import from WordPress/Simple Press but it may be possible to double import (using one of the supported softwares) or hire a coder to write a custom importer for you.