Not a bug one topic doesnt preview or work for me on here


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hello, ive noticed something odd over the last months thought to report it...fwiw...

it is only this one topic....which, if i hover it on the new posts list shows no hover preview...

i was going to post in that topic about it, but the post reply button wouldnt work for me!

some kind of strange hoodoo going on there maybe someone is curious to investigate further...seems to work for other ppl....just strange...

ahh ok...title trigger or something i guess....interesting even blocked me from posting...nothing too fancy here, just using brave browser with defaults...i will stop wondering now anyway!

thanks for the info :)
Yes, we're have same problems reported by our users: threads with word "advert" and more another synonyms like "reklama" on Russian language cannot be opened without disabling AdBlock.
Some adblockers doesn't block page opening, but block any AJAX interaction on this page where base url is same (for example, you can't post replies or use "Preview" feature in editor).
Use the whitelisting function in the ad blocker to prevent it operating on specific sites.
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