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I just noticed that it took 2 line breaks between each Twitter link for the embedded tweets to be separated by 1 line break, otherwise they stuck.
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@nicodak Do you mean in general, or is that a recent change? I know that there are some differences between the default media sites and this add-on's because of the way XenForo removes line breaks after embeds. I don't really have a satisfactory solution for that. I have considered disabling the removal of line breaks after this add-on's embeds but that would change the way old embeds are displayed too.
I have just reinstalled the module on my new forum so I cannot say when this phenomenon dates.
I understand what you mean, it is not totally dependent on your code.

It's not often that a user will post multiple tweets in a single message so it's not that big of a deal. I wanted to point it out if there had ever been a simple solution.
Hello, even YT videos needs two break-lines in editor to get one break-line in message.

Is this possible to fix this ?
Or it’s a XF problem ?

Thanks ! :)
Addon deactivated : old embedded YT are not displayed anymore and new YT video link are UNFURL instead of converted to embedded media...
Please help on this.

same for embedded Tweets...
weird. youtube should work with xenforo's internal functionality.
XenForo comes with a YouTube media site preconfigured and if you uninstall this add-on, the add-on restores that YouTube media site but if you simply disable this add-on it disables any media site associated with it, including YouTube.

@nicodak If you disable this add-on, it disables any functionality associated with it. If you use a custom [URL] BBCode for media sites and you disable or uninstall this add-on, they will be treated as regular links. If you're not sure whether you want to use this add-on, you should revert the option back to using XenForo's default [MEDIA] BBCode for media sites. [MEDIA] BBCodes are a default feature of XenForo, so some of them will still work if you uninstall this add-on but again, anything that's not supported by XenForo's default configuration will cease to function.
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All that I tried (Mega.nz, pCloud, OK.ru) provide both URL and Embed code. Sure there is a "restriction". To work the owner must set sharing for it so everybody can access (watch) it.

Here is an example for Mega.nz
<iframe width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" src="https://mega.nz/embed/ZohlVIaA#W7npwMi1OhOutxf3l3MCm_Rzz5Ko3nufNTypAp4JKd8" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
and here is the direct link for the same file:

Even if it appears as broken link, if you click it, you'll see that works.
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TikTok discriminates against some IP ranges and possibly some browsers too. Basically, if TikTok doesn't like your IP address, they ask you to complete a CAPTCHA.
Nothing reliable AFAICT. I think they have some heuristics that decide whether or not you're a robot, or something like that. In the past I've been able to avoid it by faking my User-agent header. The CAPTCHA on embedded videos is new though.

User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0
JoshyPHP updated s9e Media Sites with a new update entry:

Changed the way line breaks are handled

The handling of line breaks around media embeds has been changed to match the text layout more closely and be more consistent with XenForo's default media sites:
  • When two BBCodes are on the same line, the two embeds are on the same line.
  • When two BBCodes are on consecutive lines, the two embeds are on consecutive lines.
  • When two BBCodes are separated by a blank line, the two embeds are separated by a blank line.

The default behaviour in XenForo is similar, with the...

Read the rest of this update entry...
hah. this increased gap between the embedded video and the source link below it. or maybe it's because of some css in extra.less. but yeah good update. always wondered why embeds had weird spacing around it. but it has been better after the switch to Use a custom [URL] BB code with a media attribute.
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