Added support for the new Twitch clips IDs
The Anchor embed has been updated. It should also look at bit wider and more in line with other podcast players.

Support for URLs has been added.
Instagram Reels are processed and rendered like normal posts or Instagram TV.
Added support for more URLs from the former, and updated support for short URLs from the latter.
Added JSFiddle.
Added experimental support for dark themes. Currently supported: Bandcamp, JSFiddle, Spreaker, Twitter.
Removed FOX Sports. Their video section has been discontinued and all of their URLs return a 404 error now.

As far as I know, Facebook embeds don't currently have a dark mode.


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Added Falstad. Thanks to for sponsoring this addition.
Fixed an issue with full-width embeds such as GitHub Gist and Google Sheets being limited to 640px. They are now back to 100% width.
Added Rumble. Thanks to [H]ard|Forum for sponsoring this addition.
Updated lazy loader. It may help with dynamically-sized embeds (e.g. tweets) being cut off.
Updated Twitter. Tweets are now slightly wider (550px vs 500px) and should load imperceptibly faster.

A word about embedded tweets. At the time of writing, embedding a text-only tweet using Twitter's default method requires 20+ HTTP requests and 3.5 MB of resources. This update reduces both by approximately 10% and saves about 100 ms on loading time on a fast network. It is unclear why Twitter loads 3.4 MB of JavaScript to display ~140 characters of black-and-white text.