Unsupported Amazon and BBC News URLs have been excluded.
Lazy loading has been enabled in conversations.
New CSS has been added for compatibility with XFMG 2.2

You don't have to upgrade if you don't use the XenForo Media Gallery add-on.
Getty Images now uses HTTPS to retrieve an image's dimensions.
Gfycat is now HD by default.
Added support for more Medium URLs.
Support for Clyp.it has been added.
All phrases used in the add-on's options and footer are now translatable.
Added support for Castos. Thanks to Ask Andy About Clothes for sponsoring this addition.
Stitcher has been updated to support their shortlink URLs.
Vimeo has been updated and remains functionally the same.

Starting with this update, the release version of add-on will be tested on XenForo 2.2.
The lazy loader has been updated to load visible elements more aggressively. In previous versions, the lazy loader would wait up to 3 seconds for the rest of the page to completely load before displaying embedded content. Starting with this update, visible (on-screen) elements are loaded immediately and will compete for resources with the rest of the page. This will prevent slow resources such as ads and large images from delaying embedded content.
Added CodePen.
Added TradingView. Thanks to Cryptoevo.de for sponsoring this addition.

Retries (up to 10) have been enabled for click-to-load placeholders that use oEmbed.
MSNBC has been updated.
The add-on's CSS has been updated to correctly handle long titles.
The oEmbed logic has been updated to limit the number of concurrent fetches to prevent resource exhaustion. The number of fetches is limited to 1 per page, with a maximum of 3 concurrent fetches across processes.

This is a recommended update if you use the click-to-load feature with oEmbed enabled.
  • An option has been added to display the video's title in the placeholder used when "click-to-load" is enabled.
    ⚠️ This option may cause issues on highly trafficked sites with numerous videos. Use with caution. ⚠️
  • The option to disable auto-embedding links on a per-site basis has been extended to all media sites.
  • Twitch has been updated to support new clip URLs.
  • The add-on's CSS has been split on a per-feature basis to reduce its size when some features are disabled.

A word about adding video titles to the "click-to-load" placeholders. The name of the video is retrieved via oEmbed, using XenForo's oEmbed service. The data is cached according to your oEmbed settings. If the data is already in the cache, a single sub-millisecond query is all that's needed to retrieve the title of all the videos on the current page. Otherwise, it is fetched from YouTube's service which is typically fast but can add up to a second to the page loading time, so make sure the oEmbedLogLength value is set to a comfortable value. The default is 90 days but it can be increased to a year or more, even indefinitely.

Below are screenshots of a typical YouTube video using the default embed, the click-to-load placeholder with oEmbed enabled, and with oEmbed disabled.

default.jpg c2l-oembed.jpg c2l.jpg
Added a new option to replace the YouTube player with a lightweight placeholder. The placeholder is a single image with no text that loads and starts the YouTube player when clicked.

Updated Audiomack and Twitch. Note that the new Twitch embed only works on HTTPS sites that are served on port 443 at the moment. Hopefully Twitch will relax those restrictions.

Obsolete workarounds for the Vimeo and YouTube embeds have been removed.