s9e Media Sites

s9e Media Sites 2.3.26

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Also, embeds displayed in XFMG are kept to their original dimensions unless they're exactly 640 ✕ 360.
Added support for its new name GameClips.io
Also removed defunct site CollegeHumor.
New uploads are embedded via a native HTML5 player.
Old uploads still use the Flash player. Vocaroo doesn't seem to have an upgrade path for those.
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Added support for Spotify podcasts.
Removed defunct site PlaysTV.
You don't need to upgrade if you don't use a proxy for outbound requests.

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An option has been added to remove the limits on the dimensions of regular embeds such as YouTube's. Instead of being limited to 640 × 360 pixels, they will occupy as much screen space as possible. This does not apply to dynamically-sized embeds such as tweets and embeds with a custom aspect ratio.

The option is disabled by default.
Mixer supports embedding live streams and VODs but not clips.
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