Added support for URLs that start with www. or at.
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To configure which instances are allowed, go to the add-on's options page or search for Mastodon in the admin panel and select Mastodon hosts.

Tumblr has been updated to use the v2 embed.
Added support for YouTube Live URLs.
Updated miniplayer icon in RTL mode so it matches the miniplayer's placement.
This update fixes the miniplayer animation in RTL mode (languages read Right-To-Left.) No other change is intended so let me know if you notice anything different.
Added support for Bunny Stream CDN.

Thanks to Moshe1010 for sponsoring this update.
Updated Rutube URLs.
Added support for "" links.
Updated the lazy loader so it doesn't load content if the page isn't visible. Useful when opening several threads in background tabs.
Updated Tumblr to account for their new oEmbed response.
The JavaScript lazy loader has been slightly reorganized with no functional change intended nor expected.
Spotify has been updated to use their modern layout, a wide player with rounded corners.
Amazon's fallback link has been updated to work more consistently when Adblock Plus is enabled.
Mastodon is a federated social network, with instances hosted on many different domains, each with different rules and moderation. Currently only the main instance hosted at is supported.

Also, the CSS for Amazon fallback links has been slightly tweaked. There should be no visible change.
Fixed an issue where the "Add a link to Amazon product embeds" option wouldn't work properly with .com URLs on some versions of XenForo and/or PHP.