Mastodon is a federated social network, with instances hosted on many different domains, each with different rules and moderation. Currently only the main instance hosted at is supported.

Also, the CSS for Amazon fallback links has been slightly tweaked. There should be no visible change.
Fixed an issue where the "Add a link to Amazon product embeds" option wouldn't work properly with .com URLs on some versions of XenForo and/or PHP.
Added support for decrypting more "pfbid" URLs, which appear to slowly take over every type of URLs Facebook uses.
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Updated Facebook to be more backward compatible with some very old kind of permalink URLs.
Fixed the CSS transition used by the miniplayer, which was accidentally removed by Closure Compiler.
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This update contains many small changes that are purely technical and shouldn't have any visible effect, and it adds support for Facebook "pfbid" URLs. If you do not care about or use Facebook, you can stop reading there.

Concerning Facebook, it has come to my attention that they have recently started obfuscating their URLs, encrypting them with an unspecified algorithm that generates a different value every time. According to Facebook's public announcement, this change was effected to deter what they call "unauthorized scraping" and is meant to "protect people’s privacy". Cynics will be quick to remark that Facebook's business is based on monetizing its users' information, and that change just happens to interfere with Firefox's query parameter stripping, a privacy-enhancing feature that had been released just a few weeks prior, casting doubt on whether encrypting a URL's identifier is meant to protect users or optimize Facebook's money maker. Facebook/Meta denied via a spokeperson that this has anything to do with blocking privacy features.

Starting with this version, embedding content using Facebook "pfbid" URLs is now supported. The add-on will attempt to revert the encrypted value to its canonical ID whenever possible.
Starting with this update, pages scraped via this add-on are saved to the internal-data://temp, which is usually located at the root of your forum in the internal_data/temp directory. The filenames will appear as s9e.xxxx.html.gz where xxxx is a string of 32 alphanumeric characters. The files are automatically removed by XenForo after a few days.

In most cases it will not make any difference. In some rare cases, it may slightly speed up embedding links from unreliable sources that require scraping.
TikTok's old embedded player has been discontinued. Starting with this version, TikTok videos are embedded via an iframe hosted on GitHub to avoid injecting TikTok's JavaScript into the page.

As far as I can tell, TikTok embeds don't support dark mode.
Thanks to Wavekit for sponsoring this addition.
Added support for private playlists.