s9e Media Sites

s9e Media Sites 2.3.17

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Updated Google Sheets, Hudl and MSNBC
Updated Hudl and Internet Archive
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Internet Archive now supports /embed/ URLs.
YouTube now supports canonical URLs for playlists.
Removed Kiss Video and Videomega as both sites have ceased to be.
Media site homepages have been updated to use HTTPS.

The add-on's archive has been created manually to fix an issue in XenForo 2.0.10.
A template modification has been added. It enables YouTube's "privacy-enhanced mode" and it is disabled by default as it disables some personalization.

To enable it, go to your admin panel, go to "Template modifications" in the "Appearance" section. You should find it under the "s9e/MediaSites" section.
Fora.tv have removed their video section.
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Technically, Dumpert and Spotify have been updated too but the output should remain the same.
Embeds from Amazon.in got updated to match the other subdomains.
Gamespot, Kickstarter and MSNBC have been updated and normalized to match other video players' dimensions.
Defunct site Viagame has been removed.
Updating all of the Amazon embeds is a time-consuming, manual process. If this add-on is useful to you, please consider making a donation using either link or button on the add-on's page, thanks
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