Updated Odysee.
Removed defunct sites Break, GameTrailers, and Mixer.
Added Odysee. Thanks to LiberForo for sponsoring this addition.
Updated YouTube with support for /shorts/ URLs.
Some IMDb trailers may not be available for embedding, they will be ignored.
Wistia's oEmbed endpoint does not indicate when a resource is a podcast rather than a video anymore so we have to be creative.
Added support for Apple Podcasts. Thanks to HenrikHansen for sponsoring this addition.
This should help with TikTok's short URLs.
Podbean has a new player and new URLs.
Added support for their new domain. Updated footer link to match XenForo's.
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2.6.24 introduced a bug related to web scraping. This update fixes it.
Updated Megaphone, Rutube, SoundCloud, and Sportsnet
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