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s9e Media Sites 2.12.8

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Some IMDb trailers may not be available for embedding, they will be ignored.
Wistia's oEmbed endpoint does not indicate when a resource is a podcast rather than a video anymore so we have to be creative.
Added support for Apple Podcasts. Thanks to HenrikHansen for sponsoring this addition.
This should help with TikTok's short URLs.
Podbean has a new player and new URLs.
Added support for their new domain. Updated footer link to match XenForo's.
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2.6.24 introduced a bug related to web scraping. This update fixes it.
Updated Megaphone, Rutube, SoundCloud, and Sportsnet
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Added support for the new Twitch clips IDs
The Anchor embed has been updated. It should also look at bit wider and more in line with other podcast players.

Support for fb.watch URLs has been added.
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