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Siropu submitted a new resource:

Referral Contests by Siropu - Grow your member base by rewarding your users for inviting others to join the community.

Main Features
  1. Create referral contests
  2. Make your board invitation only (Optional)
Admin Features
  1. Create and manage contests
  2. Create and manage referral tools: banners, text links
  3. View who referred who
  4. View who invited who
  5. Create invitations
Admin Options
  1. Set referral URL parameter (The URL parameter used in the referral links)
  2. Track HTTP Referrer
  3. Display Referral Count
  4. Display Referral Block in...

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Mike Edge

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Just purchased! Suggestion, can you add ability to award points to [BD] Bank if someone registers using your referral link?


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After my new site launches, I will post a review, but so far, your addon has been working great while testing.

I made a couple of changes and would like to share them as possible suggestions for future updates.

  • Allow for an advanced custom referral URL. While the addon gives site owners the ability to change the keyword used, which is absolutely wonderful and very forward thinking, it can still look a little like a recruitment URL which might appear more spam-like given the abuse in recent years by browser games (ex: Facebook apps) that flooded sites with similar formatted recruitment links. Provide the user with parameters such as {user_id}, {username}, etc. and let them form their own URL. If you cannot generate a route-on-demand with this, warn them they will need to manually set up a rewrite in their web server's configuration. You could call this an "Advanced Custom Referral Link". I am suggesting to add this rather than replace the current "Your Referral Link" method, as the current one works quite well.
  • In addition to the above suggestion (or as an alternative if it would be too complex to add the previous suggestion), make it so a user's normal XenForo profile page URL will work as a referral URL without the "?referral=123" added to the end. That way, users could share their profile URL and get credit for referrals.
  • Add a new tab to the Members page called "Most Referrals" that shows the top users on the site who have referred other users. Make each of the usernames on the page link to a list of users they referred, preferably with sort options like Date Registered, Referrals, Posts, etc. This would be independent of any contests and simply show the users with the most referrals of all time.
  • Make the referral link more available to users and in various places. For example, "Your Referral Link" should be a direct link in the drop-down menu that appears when you mouse over your username in the menu bar (navTabs). There could also be an option for showing a link or button in the sidebar inside the visitorPanel below the referrals stat called "Your Referral Link" and when the user clicks it, it pops up a window with the disabled form field that allows them to copy/paste it.
  • Make the text in the "Your Referral Link" input boxes auto-select the URL when you click on the field rather than making the user manually select it.
Those are the main suggestions I have for now.

I want to point out that none of those are issues for me and so far, the addon works well and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I just wanted to share a few suggestions including some of which I found my own work-arounds for.

Thank you for this addon!



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Could users use referral links without contest created?
My thoughts is to install this so users can send referral links to their friends, but without any contest on site.


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Siropu updated Referral Contests by Siropu with a new update entry:

New Features & Bug Fixes

New Features
  • Added option to use profile page as referral link.
  • Added option to display referral link in the user dropdown menu.
  • Added option to copy to clipboard referral link via button.
  • Added option to display most referrals in notable members page.
Bugs Fixed
  • Incorrect alert display for contest winners.
  • Users with no permission to use referral link can still refer users.
Note: This version includes support for [bd]...

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My suggestion ---

# of referrals is a good contest except it doesn't account for referred GOOD (posting) members. I would rather have 1 good member who posts 3 times a day, then 20 members who never post.

So, I would suggest that part of the contest be not only how many referred members, but the total posts those referred members make during the X period of time.

Joe Link

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It'd be nice if we could disable the referral link in the user dropdown menu when there isn't an active contest.

Joe Link

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It seems there's no real way to disable the invite portion of the add-on. If we set invite permissions to 0 the page is still there, the box is just missing.

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