Fixed  Quoting does not display correct username


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Go to this posting:

And then quote that posting.

You see this:

[ quote="wwed, post: 9529"]I feel vBulletin went overboard with appeasing the "make it an option!" crowd. There comes a time when the developer has got to make a decision over items that aren't going to decide world peace. I would not be happy to see the following options in the Admin CP:

"Display thread pagenav: Below Quick Reply / Above Quick Reply"
"Display Quick Reply Avatar: Yes / No"

Everyone has strong feeling because the experience is new to us. Ask yourself if you really are going to be so invested in such matters way down the line. You'll care more about how you can reuse attachments in a sensible manner, can I leverage a notice system, where is that damned CMS.[/ quote]

But the posting is from Freddie. I assume it had something to do with a name change maybe?


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But then why is the old username still being referenced to? Can't be cached.
When you quote, look at the BBcode. I just quoted you, so I see:

[quote="vrtsolus, post: 28559"]

It's within the post and uses that it seems, so scratch my last post. :p


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Thing is, when you quote this post (which, according to the postbit, was posted by Freddie): ... his old username, wwed, is what is referenced.
This is quite odd, unfortunately, I haven't seen the code or database schema, so I can't go further. Damn :(

Actually, that thread is issuous. That must be before he got his name changed, becuase here:, it works fine.


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he requested a name change?
Maybe, but as this is a very rare case I don't see any problem with old posts showing old usernames, though it is a weird case it also makes sense...

What if I quoted him before he changed his username it would show the old user but then you quoted the same post after the change and it showed the new user, this is more inconsistent. this way all old post no matter when they are quoted will show the old name, and all new posts will show the new name.


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The username is stored with the post, so it's fetching whatever the username was at the time the post was made.