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Chris D

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Not really much we can do about that. That's the workaround, it's either that or it be (apparently) very broken.

XF2 is not affected, no.


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FYI I also had this issue today in a SurveyMonkey free text field.

I tried Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev and it still happens on both at the time of writing.
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Same here.
Typing a word, pressing space and chrome puts the first letter of the written word as space. Pressing space again, and I have my space.

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Cockney Mackem

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The admin on a Xenforo forum I use suggested I post on here, got users having similar problems:

Gboard and SwiftKey having problems just on Xenforo forums. For me it commonly happens when a suggestion on the app comes up above the keyboard but it won't replace the gibberish on screen no matter how many times you tap it.

Several users having the same problem


I'm on Chrome for Android Beta 65.0.3325.85 as well as Swiftkey Beta and the problem seems to have disappeared.

Chris D

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There are reports that this is fixed with SwiftKey v6.7.8.25 which was released on 1st March. Can anyone confirm?

I presume it will still exist in GBoard which hasn't been updated yet.


Okay, glad to see it isn't just me. I've been running into this for a while on my own phone (Android 7, GBoard) but haven't really heard from many users about it (though a lot of my users are on PCs or Apple devices). Thread watched.