Duplicate Backspace or Delete closes keyboard on Android

Affected version
2.2 b5


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Multiple users reporting this since immediately after I updated to 2.2 b5.

anyone else have issues editing posts on a mobile device? after every time you hit delete or return the keyboard defaults to closed. is a hoop issue or an android issue?
its all fine until you put the cursor down and hit delete. it deletes exactly one character and then closes as if your edit is done so you once again have to place the cursor everytime.
Cant backspace without the keyboard dropping.
I can’t access the gifs or emojis or anything from that menu on mobile anymore.
I have the problem too. Even on back space and enter button presses.

I'm on an S10e

Chris D

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This is being tracked already here:

It's a bug in Chrome for Android v85. We anticipate a fix being rolled out in the coming days/weeks.