Browser issue Pressing enter in Android keyboard hides the keyboard

Affected version


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Latest Chrome Stable (85.0.4183.81)
Tried with SwiftKey, Gboard and Samsung Keyboard.
Got two other members of my board to verify.
Checked here and happens here as well.

While trying to respond in a thread... Keyboard disappears as soon as you press enter. End result is that you end up clicking one of the similar threads and get away from the thread you are trying to reply to.

Samsung screen recorder app does not seem to show key press properly. But you can see when the color of the enter key on the keyboard changes on press.



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Happens when you press delete on empty space. Thankfully not when you have characters to delete. 🌚

Bbcode editor saves the day.


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Having the same problem on two different xenforo based forums but surprisingly not this one.

Samsung S10E.
Everytime i press enter or delete the keyboard disappears. Very frustrating.
Edit. It happens on this forum now too.
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As I posted above, it's most likely due to the latest release of Chrome (85), as it also happens on the Froala site and with multiple versions of XF.