Search field next button does not send focus to member field on most pages


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This is a weird issue to describe. I have been noticing it on my board for a while now but I am running an old build. But I can replicate the same behavior here on I cannot seem to find this reported by anyone else so I am not sure what's happening. I got confirmation from a few members of my own board who replicated the same process here on this board.

This applies on mobile browsers where software keyboard are used.

On homepage, it works as expected. You click on the search field at top right. You type in a keyword. Software keyboard (I tried Gboard and Samsung Keyboard. A friend confirmed that it's the same with SwiftKey.) both replace the enter button with next. Pressing the button moves the focus on the member text field. Pressing it again processes the search.

But if you open a node or a thread… The next button takes focus away from the search popup box and you have to tap on it to perform the search.

I do not have access to an iOS device to see if this can be replicated there.
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I think what you are seeing here is focus on the 'search where' field.

On the homepage, the full tab order goes like this:
  1. Keywords
  2. Titles only
  3. Titles only help
  4. By member
  5. Search (submit)
  6. Advanced search (submit)
However, on node and thread pages, the order is extended:
  1. Keywords
  2. Search location
  3. Titles only
  4. Titles only help
  5. By member
  6. Search
  7. Advanced
When focus is on the search location, hit the down arrow to extend the list of options.

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I was talking about behaviour with software keyboards on Android devices.

I don't have access to tab button on mobile. Arrow is possible through. Usually you just type a keyword and press the enter key to search. Xenforo usually takes you to member field when you press the enter key which basically behaves like next key. I don't think software keyboards follow the same route as tab key on hardware keyboards. On mobile i have to tap on options like search title only to use them.

This screencast might be able to highlight the issue.


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