XF 2.0 How to embed Dailymotion and Youtube Videos in Xenforo 2.0


Hello Community and Developers,

XF 2.0 has just come out and I was able to make a great upgrade. But how can I work with Dailymotion and Youtube videos in MediaGallery and Forumposts?

Apparently BBCodes still have to be created for this, but as an XF 2.0 beginner I do not know which data of the BBCode must be created.

Can someone help me maybe?

Thanks in Advance.
I replied to the the other thread before reading this one so I'll quote it here for reference. @Nirjonadda if you cross-post a question it's a good idea to link both sides so the readers don't end up needlessly replying to both.

Uninstalling this add-on on XenForo 1.x will reinstall the default site definitions, then the upgrade will happen normally. Do note that the XenForo 2.0 media sites may not be compatible with embeds created with this add-on and may not display them correctly.

I don't know what the official procedure is for other add-ons but in this case if you plan to upgrade to an incompatible version you should definitely uninstall it first.

want to upgrade only when it is clear how i can get xf's supported codes to work while still retaining the option to activate previous embeds when s9e is updated for xf2 because all of those embeds are also dead after the upgrade.

The best upgrade path for that is to uninstall the add-on on XenForo 1.x then upgrade to XenForo 2.0. Some media sites won't be displayed properly for a while until I release a version of my add-on for XenForo 2.0. I intend to support embeds created on XenForo 2.0 either with full support or graceful degradation.
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