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Hello, I want to know how I can embed videos in the posts, without these being the ones established by XenForo by default such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

But from services like Fembed, Netu, etc.

I don't see the way.

I tried adding a new service inside the Xenforo configuration, where I had to indicate an html code, a url sequence like service.com/embed/v/{$id}, but there is no way.
This is the one I'm using, or trying to embed, I found it elsewhere.

<div class="bbMediaWrapper">
     <div class="bbMediaWrapper-inner">
         <iframe src="https://vanfem.com/v/{$id}"
                 style="border:0px #FFFFF none;"

However, I will take a look at the FAQ you mention to see if I can clarify something.
You will need to create a media bb code for those sites, if the sites provide one and allow embedding.

There should be a faq or help section on the sites explaining what you need to do.

The manual explains how to create a media bb code: https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/bbcode/#bb-code-media-sites
Strange none of my old BB Media Code Sites are working anymore.
Looks like that the <div> parts will not be inserted:

here one which is working (youtube)


Possibly a bug in parsing the BB Code?

If I edit the post, I see that the entered URL has been changed to [MEDIA=xyz]dhsadhajk[/MEDIA]
That is apparently a CloudFlare error.. but I did look at that site, and it appears that you have to log into it to be able to view ANY video on it...so it's not surprising that a simple BBMedia code would not be working for a site that requires authentication to see the media.
Would probably need to have an add-on done that creates a connection using credentials defined in the ACP and NOT displayed on the HTML that shows up on the page.
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