XF 2.2 Embed videos in post


Hello, I want to know how I can embed videos in the posts, without these being the ones established by XenForo by default such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

But from services like Fembed, Netu, etc.

I don't see the way.

I tried adding a new service inside the Xenforo configuration, where I had to indicate an html code, a url sequence like service.com/embed/v/{$id}, but there is no way.
have you tried your "example" in the W3C tutorial page with an actual video ID? I think you are going to find you are going to have to be authenticated to display that video.... and THAT will take either putting your authentication in the BB media code for the whole world to have access to, or have a bespoke add-on created that can do the authentication in the background. Not ALL video sites allow embedding/sharing of their videos freely.
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