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There should really be a giveaway addon, much like SteamGifts or GameMiner

Example: You have it set up so at the end of what ever time/date you put for the giveaway it will choose a winner from everyone who registers for the giveaway (Which would also allow currency like [bd]money). You could set it up so it would cost $20 forum currency to join, and at the end of the time it'd pick a random user, or... a user who has been the most active within that time (You can choose to make it so it's most likes, posts, topics, etc.).

GameMiner has it set so it will either send them the text you wish at the end of the giveaway, or have the attatchement, or even just give the users name to them. You can make it so it automatically PMs them with either an attachement, or the text, or simply just show the winners name so you can manually send it to them.

If someone makes this, I will be more than happy to pay for the addon if they choose to have it paid. It is something I'd really like to see, and something a lot of members could use, not just in gaming. All forums host giveaways at some point in time, why not make an automated system for everyone to use. It'd be easy, simple, and most of all AUTOMATED!
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