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I've been working on an addon off and on for about 2 years now. Due to my time limitations, i've come to realize that i need to pay someone to finish it or it's never going to get done.

The project is a database with high relation and cross linking with a simple interface to display the items.

Eg, if this were a school database,
we might have classroom tables, desk tables, teacher and student tables.
each of these has a table in sql and will be a manual setup. There is no form-based method to create sections. it requires developer due to specific schema.
- if you have a better idea about how to make it so that a generic table schema can be defined within the admincp, i'm open to it, but i feel like this is something that won't happen often enough to warrant the dynamic effort. the columns are very specific and require foreign key joins, but obviously xf doesn't exactly encourage or enforce that.

I can assign desks to a classroom and a teacher to a desk and a classroom, and so on. The display of the classroom would have a link to the name of the teach and the desk which would be a detail view (perhaps, name, teaching certificate, tenure, etc) and a desk entry (eg, desk size, # of drawers, and so forth).

would list all classrooms
would show
Dr Smith linked to addon/teacher/drsmith/
Desk99 linked to addon/desk/desk99/

and so forth.

I have most of the schema made.
I have most of the entities/routes/and Pub sections made.
I have a basic template made that i recently re-did to reduce duplicate code.... but it needs work and most of the existing templates are still on the 'old' way so they need to be updated or re-created.
I have most of the routes and class extensions made.
i have a sitemap addon working on a few sections but needs to be completed.
It probably has a lot of bugs.
I have populated some entries with sample data to show real relations and allows for 1-to-many and many-to-1 lookups. These all need landing pages/lists/indexes to link to the linked entitles.
I have a demo site working and clickable to see what i want

Generic Scope of work:
  • Finish the project so that content can be added/edited through the regular interface (not admin panel) by certain usergroups (permission checks). This exists, but has issues with Add vs Editing and dependent drop downs (eg, if a drop down has option A and B, but i need C, i need to be able to pop up a new modal and create C, at which point, it would close and return C as a dropdown option to complete the entry)
  • Create delete functionality that checks for foreign keys and alerts "are you sure you want to delete this desk, it's used on A teacher and B classroom" and cleans up accordingly.
  • Allow edits and log them (may need schema changes) for specific usergroups. (i have permissions made but may not be perfect). Admin should be able to view the log in a popup like post edit history
  • continue the routing i setup which does NOT include IDs. This is dynamic content but will be curated by staff who know what they are doing and there should never be a duplicate entry. That said, we need to check for duplicate entries at creation time. The ADD template should have an ajax lookup on the slug and return an error if it exists
  • There's approximately 10 categories created for viewing, with another 10 or 15 categories that are behind the scenes. For example, we won't have a display for desk colors - who cares to see a list of red/brown/etc - but there needs to be an interface to add colors so that it is relational in the db.

Depending on pricing of the core, optional extra features i would like:
  • create an admin area with reports that shows orphans (eg, a classroom that doesn't have any desks assigned so that over time we can fill in known gaps in relations)
  • incorporate attachments engine to allow uploading images to items (and must use xf's native system as i use s3 flysystem in prod, but not on dev enviro)
    • full add/delete attach inline/thumb/full options/etc.
  • Ad unit template/integration. I have some basic inline adcode in the template file, but i would like to remove that for a better abstraction as a nice to have

Must support XF 2.2.x
Must support both php 7.4 and 8.x in the future (i'm on 7 now, but will be upgrading soon)
Must be willing to sign an NDA to see what i've done
Must not re-use or re-sell the code to any other forum
Agrees that I will own the copyright after payment and developer has no rights

Detailed scope of work can be offered after NDA. I will link you to my dev site where you can see it live and click around to get a better understanding after the NDA is signed.

Accepting Quotes for the next few weeks.

Project timeline is ASAP, but no hard deadline. I'd rather have it be done right than by x date.

If your name is on the do not hire list, please don't waste either of our time because i won't be hiring you.
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