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XF2.3 will bring automatic featuring of content. Once it is featured it will be forever unless you manually unfeature it.

I would like to suggest a few useful things to avoid a situation where you end up with a mass of featured content forever and that will give members more control over their featured content.

Unfeature date
It would be very useful if members can set the end date, so that the content will be automatically unfeatured at that date. @Paul B 's very popular Featured Threads addon had this functionality. In the interface to feature the content, you also set the end date.

Automatically unfeature content based on criteria.
It would be useful if we can set criteria to automatically unfeature content based upon reactions, reports,, lack of recent replies, recent views, etc.

Setting for default unfeature time
Set globally that featured content is automatically unfeatured after x days.
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I find it odd why this wouldn't be part of the new feature as standard. Tools are supposed to make administration and moderation easy. I get that its pretty simple to click a button, but if its a bigger board or people start to use a criteria in order to initially feature - then it will get quite time consuming.
This is the opposite problem I have with polls. You can set a close date but you can't close it immediately, you have to set a date. Here, we can remove immediately but not set a date. I think I'd like to see both of these. 😉
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