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Editor & BB Code Manager 2.0.0

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starting to look into rebuilding our editor in 2.2...

this is such a great addon for bonuses i had to make a list to keep track of what we would miss most if we rushed to upgrade, which, we probably will ;P

-google fonts
-full screen button
-post templates! wow i had forgotten that was part of this...
-background color tool
-special characters menu


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Any news here for XF 2.2?
I really miss my usual toys; or is there any way to modify the editor now without an addon?
I think he's already made made it clear that he won't be updating until XF 2.2 final. He's part of the TH team now and they don't usually update anything until final release. So even though you and I might know think that an RC release would be good, because likely not much is gonna change from here on out, that's how they roll.... I'd be happy to be wrong, though. 🙃


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I know this is a very popular add-on but What can this add-on do?

Can it show different text editor bbcode menu per forum/per user group?


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If you guys can update XF without it resulting in a lot of broken tags all over the place, you might want to go ahead and do that and then upgrade this when it becomes available. I suspect all the paid TH addons will take priority, so this one might be a little while.
I can confirm it does not work on XF 2.2. In fact, it deletes the entire toolbar.
Please see my post, it same


Deleting addon in 2.2.1 i have a wierd box with messed toolbar.
How can i replace with original toolbar? Or there's a way to uninstall it having the original toolbar working?
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