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Editor & BB Code Manager 1.1.0

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First class addon. I'm now able to disable the "URL" BBCode. The added "Table" code and also the other functions are fantastic too.
Excellent add-on! We installed it mainly for the table BB codes, but the overall features are truly impressive.
Awesome addon, lots of additional features and easy to edit it all. One of the newest added features is a personal favorite of mine: the ability to "Unlink" all live links in a post with one button click. So much better than in the default editor, where you have to click each link one-by-one. Author listens to feedback and is great with support, despite the addon being free.
This is a FANTASTIC add-on - one I have been looking for since starting out with XF1. Very easy to install and customize, not to mention VERSATILE. I love it. Thanks for all your hard work in coding this add-on and keeping it up to date!
Katsulynx is one of the best developers on XenForo. This add-on has exceeded all expectations and Kat keeps pumping out new features.
Kaysulynx is one of the best developers I've interacted with on XF. This add-on is incredible and easy to use, and her support for it is extremely fast. I recommend it for anyone running XF 2.0+
One of the best add-ons for Xenforo, and the best thing is: it's completely free! This developer is one of my favourite ones, providing great stuff and offering top quality and incredibly fast support.
Great addon with awesome future. Native lacks options. Table was not working though. On edit of the published table one of the rows constantly losing a cell which sets the entire table off.

Also the height of the row is close to 3 characters probably. Really wanted to use the table but will have to wait.
Lukas W.
Lukas W.
Hey there, thanks for the good review! Tables will receive a number of fixes with the next update. If you're having trouble with the styling though, there are a number of style properties in the BB Code section that might allow you to achieve what you want and remove the height of the table rows by removing the cell padding! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the discussion!
Thanks a ton @Katsulynx for this amazing addon. Today i upgraded my xf license to xf2 because this addon did what i wanted to achieve. I am loving the parsehtml bbcode. Thanks again.
Brilliant add on. Adds some great features and functionality to the editor. I love that I can completely hide all the buttons on the smallest width so they don't get in the way and take up valuable screen space on mobile.
Five star so far, excellent add-on. The reviews from my users, so far, is positive. Hope to still be using this in one year's time! Thanks for making it free. :)
Very nice plugin. I hope you can add the format image future. That we can wrap text around image, or choose text square around image. Full text in forum post that make the post is boring.
Very nice plugin, great work ! It's a very useful tool to enrich our forum editor with great features ! Thanks :)
Lukas W.
Lukas W.
Thank you very much for your valuable feedback! I'm happy that you and your users enjoy it!
I've rated this ***** even before all the features being finished, it's a great addon especially for no charge. Will be making a donation.
Lukas W.
Lukas W.
Thanks a lot for the kind review! If you happen to notice any further bugs or any wishes are left open, please continue to post them into the discussion. I'll try to work through them one by one in the future and improve it further. :)