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  1. katsulynx

    Beta [KL] Editor Manager 1.0.0 Beta 6

    [KL] Editor Manager Description Fully customize your XenForo Froala instance. Change your toolbar layout, enable and disable BB Codes, make use of the new table and background-color BB Codes, provide exciting new fonts for your users from your own server or external hosts. It's all in your...
  2. Lamp

    How to add webfonts to your XenForo forum so that they work in the text editor

    There is an issue with the Redactor rich text editor used for editing posts. Webfonts linked in the XenForo site don't work in it. The problem is because it uses an iFrame, which is a separate environment and doesn't have access to the loaded webfonts in the main frame. The solution to this is...
  3. hollosch

    XF 1.5 Additional fonts in editor

    Hi, is it possible to add additional fonts to the editor, maybe some kinds of free fonts ?
  4. katsulynx

    Unmaintained [KL] Fonts Manager 2.0.8

    [KL] Fonts Manager Description Sick of editing .js-Files to get your fonts into the editor? Sick of them not being rendered in the Redactor but in posts only? Here's your solution: the Fonts Manager. Order your fonts! Create new fonts! All in your hands. Features Order Fonts in Redactor...