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Siropu submitted a new resource:

Easy User Ban by Siropu - Allows you and your staff to manage bans very easily.

Easy User Ban Add-on allows you and your staff to easily ban and unban users on your board, and also display user banlist.

  • Link to ban/unban users directly from their profile/member card/profile posts/thread posts/conversations
  • Manage bans page where you and your staff can ban/unban multiple users at the same time
  • Moderator ban/unban log
  • Banned users list
  • User Group Permissions
When you hover over the info "icon" on the ban list page. a tooltip...
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No, it allows you and your moderators (if permission is set) to directly ban users permanently or for hours/days/weeks/months/years/ or until a specified date from calendar.
Can the addon save all bans for unlimited time ?

for Example:

Mod1 banned user1. I can see user1's all bans for i want to time ? or is it possible to see the warning system, such as in ?


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The Add-on uses the ban system of XenForo so it will display all the bans that have been given even before installing the Add-on.


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